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Where Can I Find?

As Educators, we are B-U-S-Y!  Even though we might want to do something new with technology, and integrate our lessons, we are afraid it will take too much time.  Even finding the right tool or resource will take time.  So, I've made this page to help busy educators find resources. 

Can't find what you are looking for?  Post a comment, and let me try to find it for you!

Free Technology 4 TeachersThis site is a "Mother Lode" for teachers looking for ways to use technology, free!
Technology and Education Box of TricksWOW!  This site has everything, and it's listed in alphabetical order.  Be sure to check out the page owner's Diigo account , too!
How do I teach about copyright?Here is a great lesson with resources!
Quick Tech LessonsHow to do all kinds of tech stuff, each in under 10 minutes.  This is worth your time!
Where Can I Find a Specific Math Resource?"A Complete List of Online Math Resources"
I need a video to illustrate a higher math concept..."BLOSSOMS," Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies;  This site contains a number of video science and math lessons.
Where Can I Find another class to Skype with?Skype for Education...Sign yourself up- it's easy!  Then take a look at the directory.  You can search for educators in the US or other countries.  They set up a Skype time for a quick virtual field trip to anywhere!
I need Web2.0 tools to use with no student emails to register them!We often find great Web2.0 tools, but for students to use them, they must register- needing an email address.  This goes against privacy rules in most districts and schools.  Here is a website which lists and provides links to tools which require no registration!
Projects which use the Intel Thinking Tools
Online video library of PBL
Projects from WestEd
Projects from Edutopia
So, my district wants me to do more "Project Based Learning."  Projects can be hard to come up with!  Here are several sites with lots of projects I can use.
Learn about Project-Based Approaches Here is a free "course" you can take independently to learn more about PBA (Project Based Approaches.)
More to come... More to come...
Even more... Even more...
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