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Web 2.0 Tools

diigo education pioneerI often hear about a wide variety of tools available for use on the web.  I try to stick to the ones which are suitable for classroom use, and especially those which are FREE!  If you note that one of the ones I have described has changed, or if you'd like to add more to the posting information, please add a comment.
LinoIthttp://www.linoit.com/Lino IT is a web-based "bulletin board"
which allows you to tack up your sticky
notes or documents, or images, etc. 
Try it for student groups to gather their
materials for a project.
1Passwordhttp://agilewebsolutions.com/onepassword1Password does cost $30, but it could be worth it.
It allows you to store all your login information securely for the multitude of sites you use.
SugarSynchttp://www.sugarsync.com/LOVE this!  SugarSync allows you to sync files to all of your computers, and keep them in your own personal cloud.  Space varies but you get more for inviting others!
Live Bindershttp://www.livebinders.com/This site allows you to create tabs on which you may store links to sites, videos, images, and even documents.  If you find yourself needing to gather materials for the many subjects and concepts you teach, this could be for you!   Tips and Tricks for using Live Binders here.
Scratchhttp://scratch.mit.edu/Scratch is an application you download for free.  It's multi-platform friendly.  Students use it to learn logic, mathematical concepts, science concepts, and programming.  Be sure to visit the forums and tutorials.  I have more related sites on my Scratch wiki!
hnyctt.mehttp://hnyctt.me/this URL shortener allows you to create custom urls, create and account, and track how often your custom URL is being used.
Flubaroohttp://www.flubaroo.com/Flubaroo works with Google forms to let you create self-grading tests.  Yeppers, SELF-GRADING!!!  Check it out!  Be sure you have your google account first.
My Fake Wallhttp://myfakewall.com/ Your students may now create a fake Facebook page for anyone- an historical figure, a fictional character, anyone!  Note- it's a "fake" page, though it looks pretty real!
Prezihttp://prezi.com/learn Prezi is a wonderful presentation tool on the web.  The free version is fantastic!  Be sure to take the brief tutorial, as it's not anything like the "other" presentation tool!
Posteroushttps://posterous.com/This is a very easy way to post things and gather materials.  Next time you think of having your students create a "poster" with crayons and paper, think again and go "paperless" with Posterous!
Fur.lyhttp://fur.ly/Do you need several websites for that lesson or presentation?  Do you want to make it easy for your students to visit several sites you have previewed?  Fur.ly is for you!  Create one URL which allows users to go to all the ones you have decided on.  It's easy!
Today's Meethttp://todaysmeet.com/Backchanneling, the use of a custom, chat room for your learners or audience while you are presenting or teaching.  This is one of the easiest to use!
Bib.Me http://www.bibme.org/I really do like this bibliography maker the best.  It will assist you (or your students) in creating citations for all manner of materials, then put them all together into a great bibliography!
KeePassXhttp://www.keepassx.org/Here's an Open Source (read: FREE) application which securely keeps all of your passwords for you!  Once you install it, save your file on Dropbox or SugarSync and you can access your passwords from any Internet-Connected computer.
Vokihttp://www.voki.com/Voki_for_education.phpVoki gives us a page just for educators!  Create your own avatar, then make it speak!  You can even record from your cell phone!  Then embed the Voki on your blog, website, or wiki!  Perhaps you could make yourself speak an assignment to your students.
VoiceThreadhttp://ed.voicethread.com/about/features/Educators all over are using VoiceThread to create and gather commentary on their creations.  It's great for student collaboration and for students to get feedback from a large, authentic audience!
Resources & ideas here:
You can get an individual account, a class subscription for $60/year, or school subscription.
Pecha Kuchahttp://www.pecha-kucha.org/whatA Pecha Kucha is a 20-slide presentation, and you only get 20 seconds to present each slide.  Get your friends together and have a Pecha Kucha night!  You will all learn something new!
Glogsterhttp://edu.glogster.com/Create an interactive poster.  Let your students create one or collaborate on one!  You will love this tool!
Diigohttp://www.diigo.com/If you are not using Diigo or Delicious, you are missing out!  This tool allows you to save all of your favorite website addresses in one place on the web.  You can search the site, find friends and view their bookmarks, and put your login information on "private" bookmarks so you don't have to remember them!
Jinghttp://www.techsmith.com/jing/Jing is a free screencasting tool.  Use it for lots of things, but it's great to explain "how-to" with many computer questions from students and friends!
Blabberizehttp://blabberize.com/So fun!  Make your photos speak out loud while moving their mouths!

More coming soon!

More coming soon!

More coming soon!

More coming soon!
More coming soon!


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