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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sugar Sync

Click here to try SugarSync at my invitation!
I just found SugarSync!  I believe it's going to solve one of my most vexing problems.  First, let me say that I am fortunate to have more than one computer.  In fact, I regularly use a desktop at work, a Windows laptop AND a Mac laptop at work, a Windows netbook for personal use and a whopping desktop at home.  Add to that my iPod Touch, my iPad, and my Android phone, and you may realize that this application comes in handy.

SugarSync allows you to designate files and folders you want to access on multiple computers.  This is exciting for me, since I would be rich if I got a dollar for every time I needed a file that was located on a computer I didn't have access to.  I travel in a wide geographic area for work, so I am often away from the computer I was using when I made a file or edited it.

I'm looking forward to having my files and finding them, too! 

By the way, if you invite others to use Sugar Sync and they do, you get bonus storage space!  And they get the same bonus you do!  Great news for everyone involved!

Many thanks to one of my Plurk Buddies (Thanks, mguhlin!) for sharing this great site!

1 comment:

  1. Send me an invite and I will try it out. This way you get the bonus space and I get to stop searching for the right flash drive. lol