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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Library for Everyone!

Check it out!
I like the idea of libraries, but I never liked spending time in them.  I always felt that it was some sort of failing in me; an aberration!  I suspect the same is true for other folks, judging by the look of the local Barnes & Noble.  People like to get a snack and a cup of something warm (or cold) and sit down to browse books.  But the local library is not nearly as crowded.

I know there are many for whom an ideal idle hour is spend among the musty stacks of a library, but perhaps they can get some satisfaction here as well.

Open Library is a source for books and ebooks.  It's free to sign up.  It's a project of the Internet Archive , a non-profit which aims to create a webpage for every book ever published!  Some can be "borrowed" and others must be read on a device.

Check it out!  The title of this post is a link to Open Library!

Many (over a million) books are made available to people who have difficulties reading a print book.  Braille and audio editions are available to those who qualify in a format called "Daisy."  A special device is needed for these books.  You can learn all about that feature HERE. and by clicking on the "Daisy" link within the Open Library site.  Some books are available in "open" daisy (uprotected) and can be used by anyone on a number of devices.

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