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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The best URL shortener!

hnyctt.me is the best URL shortener I have found.  It's easy to use and it allows you to create a personal account, so you can track the number of clicks on your shortened URL.  There is even a "bookmarklet" you can drag to your favorites bar or bookmark bar so you can just create a shortened URL any time!

"What's a URL shortener, anyway?"  you ask.   Here's my story:  When I am giving workshops or just sharing with friends, I often had looooooong urls with a multitude of un-spellable characters to transmit.  With students of any age, this is a nightmare.  Thank goodness, we can post the URL in a wiki or other website so that our learners can just click on it, but that only goes so far.

Kevin is a FUN and inspiring presenter!
When you create a shortened URL, you can customize it, so that it makes sense to your learners.  If you customize it with something about your topic, it's easy to remember, increasing the chance that your students or other learners will go back to it with ease.

Give hnyctt.me a try!  I think you'll like it!  By the way, it was developed by Kevin Honeycutt.  If you don't know him yet, you should!  Here is his website, and that's a topic for another day.

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